Apple Smart Watch is going to launch Soon

Apple is the only company who thinks out of the box and its product is unique. Apple brings its own idea and people are crazy for their products.

In the beginning of the year apple director reported that a new smart watch is going to be introduced soon. Though Cookoo and Pebble watches are having their monopoly in the market but if Apple is introducing something then it is obvious that it have some special quality.


1. It is wireless chargeable time piece so you do not have to open it for charging.

2. To give it a new look and style it has curved glass screen.

3. Siri operating system is used which can handle difficult task easily and it works as a remote.

4. This watch is synchronized with your iPhone, through which you can see the details of caller without taking out your phone.

5. This device will also protect your iPhone from being stolen. If your phone knocks out beyond your range then it will alerts you.

6. It also keep track on your health. Its inbuilt sensor will show you the amount of calories you have lost while walking and it also show your blood pressure.

7. It also supports music system.

8. Apple uses its watch to enhance its mapping system.

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12th, Feb 2013 4:18 AM
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