Worlds Fastest four seater car from Bentley launched in India

Bentley continental GT speed is the fastest four seater car which is recently launched in India. It is one of the fastest four seater cars around the globe. It can achieve 328 kilometers per hour speed and you can reach Delhi from Bhopal in just two and a half hour. It features powerful W12 engine and twin turbo charger which enables 8-speed transmission in its all four wheels.

The Bentley Company has mentioned the fuel economy and it saves 13% more fuel compare to its previous version. Still the engine is very powerful and Bentley has kept the fuel efficiency very well. The peak power of the car is 616BHP that makes it the most powerful continental. Bentley continental GT speed has centralized torsen differential and according to the company the car can run with proper grip and fast speed on any kind of road.

New Bentley has 21 inches wheels with lower suspension. Its torque is also very high. Dark grills at the front make the look dynamic and very attractive. The interior of the car is very youthful and tech-friendly. Its info-system has latest software of Bentley that you can view satellite landscapes, maps and live traffic data. You can adjust steering wheels according to your need. This car is very advance in terms of technology and all functions. Other companies are also planning for this kind of fastest four seater car.

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6th, Feb 2013 5:03 AM
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