Dealers’ Report: Hero Xtreme 200S More Preferable Over XPulse Range

Last month, a series of products was launched by India’s most selling two-wheeler brand, Hero MotoCorp. Among them, there were the XPulse family with offering such as the XPulse 200 and the XPulse 200T, and the XTreme 200S as well. The Hero XPulse 200 is an adventure tourer while the Hero XPulse 200T is a road-biased tourer version of the same. Apart from them, the XTreme 200S is a whole different bike with full fairing. It is based on the XTreme 200R.

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If considers demand for all the three newly launched motorcycles in the market, the XTreme 200S is much preferred above all, whether online or offline. The dealer sources revealed a bit how the XTreme 200S is ruling over the XPulse family. As per them, the attractive design and styling of the sports tourer along with the reasonable price in the segment, is helping to attract more buyers over the XPulse range. Doesn’t matter what if the XPulse is more affordable, however, the buyers are happy a spend a bit extra on the more stylish and appealing offering, the Hero XTreme 200S.

It’s not like that the XPulse is not generating volume for the Hero MotoCorp, however, sales figures as compared to the XTreme 200S is quite low. The showroom dispatches for the XPulse range is likely to begin during mid-June and for the XTreme 200, it’s expected soon.