Airtel Beats Reliance Jio in Peak 4G Download Speed: OpenSignal

Jio and Airtel are in the news once more as OpenSignal in a new announcement reveals the state of mobile networks in India. According to the report, Jio falls behind Airtel, Vodafone, and Idea in terms of network speed, but leads the market in terms of network coverage. As per a new OpenSignal speed measuring matric - Airtel offers the fastest 4G speeds, and Vodafone takes the second spot, closely followed by Idea at third place; Jio rounds up the list at the fourth spot. However, in terms of overall download speed (which includes 3G and 4G speeds), Jio is ahead of the pack, with Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, BSNL, and Reliance Communications (RCom) following it, in that order.

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Fastest 4G speeds in India:-

Given are the 4G LTE download speed as reviewed by OpenSignal

Airtel - 9.15Mbps
Vodafone - 7.45Mbps
Idea - 7.4Mbps
JIO - 5.81Mbps

Regarding the 3G speed, it follows

Airtel - 3.62Mbps
Vodafone - 3.12Mbps
Idea - 2.6Mbps
BSNL - 1.76Mbps
Rcom - 1.71Mbps

Considering the overall download speed (PDF), for which OpenSignal proceeds into consideration the regular download speed accomplished by users across all of an operator's 3G and 4G networks.

Jio -5.81Mbps
Airtel- 5.05Mbps
Idea - 3.69Mbps
BSNL-1.76Mbps speed

Regarding the latency, which is estimated by how much delay data experiences:-

Jio - 75.4ms

At the same time, OpenSignal noticed that LTE speed results on Airtel, Idea, and Vodafone networks has discarded in the last six months, falling from 11.5Mbps to 9.1Mbps. OpenSignal said a possible reason behind the failure in speed is that these carriers have also slashed data prices on their networks, which has resulted in the increase in data usage, which in turn has likely caused congestion on the networks.

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