Drones Acquiring the Show; HEXO Plus and SenseFly eXom at CES 2015 [Video]

The drones are the new forms of technology, which are dominating over the conventional route of shooting via choppers. The Consumer Electronics Show 2015 gifted the planet a lot of new things which were inclusive of the stated products. Both the drones; Hexo Plus and SenseFly eXom were seen with different capabilities and applications. One is crafted as a product, which can accommodate a third party camera into the provided socket and let the user perform the favorable tasks. The second one locks the position counter frequent jerks and smashes to stabilize the imaging with the built-in camera. Let’s check out the things which get off the show’s bench.

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The Hexo Plus can be considered as a drone which has a highly capable geometry with which it can cover a good range of land for shooting and obeys the orders from director’s end. The company states that the product has got something better than what we can imagine, as it is designed to capture ultra-high resolution 4K videos and stills. It is an all in one device to conduct and transform a wise story into the imaging format. The potential to record 360 degree PAN, Zoom and Spin. The mount is also arranged for a number of cameras, but the GOPRO will suit best to extract complete juice out of nature.

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The SenseFly eXom is a technologically advanced equipment which can hover and stabilize the position very well. We can see this in the video above, where the camera seems to be dead steady under all fluctuating scenarios. Following a blur-free high-quality video would be fun with this drone. The main objective of the product is to auto correct and hold the position with GPS. The eXom is inspired from the natural objects, living things (birds and bees) and their way of tackling the view and being smart with their flight. The video says it has ultrasonic sensors, vision sensors, 360-degree awareness, close object operation, stabilized sensor head, obstacle avoidance, ultra-high resolution imaging and thermal videos.

Both the drones here are the projects of coming season and we would be seeing them in the future. The technology is getting advanced and would effectively reach the drones with best of the future-ready products. Stay tuned till then.