Microsoft Confirms: Upgrade Older Windows Devices by Windows 10 For Free

World's largest software corporation: Microsoft seems tenacious on its goal, where it's endeavoring to be the first choice of consumers in smartphones and tablets era as well as to make its position more stronger in this burgeoning field of technology. After being a noted operating software provider for desktop and laptop, the Redmond giant has made a foray against leading brands of mobile computing boom by announcing its most recent versions of Windows: Windows 10 free for one year for the users of older editions.

Here, Group chief of Microsoft Operating System, Terry Myerson has confirmed during the Windows 10 event that consumers of Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 can upgrade their devices by latest firmware and it will be available for free for one year. However, pricing detail has not been unveiled, but a report from ZDNet has affirmed that company is itself building some new specific applications for its novel quest in order to gain more revenue.

Apparently, a keynote has been released by company, which suggested about whole new "Universal" built-in Windows 10 applications for Music, Maps, Photos, Calendar, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook Apps. Here, applications have been evolved by common codes, so that people can access them from PC to phone or tablet without loosing functionality.

Microsoft Windows 10

The official video also demonstrated about a new browser, called "Project Spartan" that has been designed for Windows 10, wherein firm's personal digital assistant: Cortana will be integrated. Just like, Apple's iOS based voice-controlled personal assistant: "Siri", Cortana is also capable to answer questions as well as respond to commands of user.

Well, there are a lot of speculations regarding the commercial availability of Windows 10, where some sources are hinting about its release from autumn of 2015, but an exact date is yet-to-be disclosed by Microsoft. Visit Here to get a detailed information about this avant-garde operating system.