What's the Reason Hero Splendor Ahead of Honda Activa

Hero Splendor, India’s most famed 100cc commuter, within last two years has claimed the first spot in the top 10 selling two-wheelers by pushing Honda Activa to the second spot. Both the models are fierce rivals in sales and always push each other to be on that top position by doing great business to their respective firms. The Splendor belongs to bike category while the Activa serves gearless two-wheeler segment called automatic scooter. So here are a few factors that sport Hero Splendor in maintaining its competition with the Honda Activa for that vertex point:

Mileage: It is one of the most demanding qualities from any individual seeking for a commuter as the majority of Indian audience serves middle class in our society. The Hero Splendor is acknowledged across the country for such biking trait. The Hero claims the fuel economy of 81 kmpl as compared to Honda Activa’s 60kmpl figures, which clearly makes the Splendor favourable among the crowd.

Maintenance cost less:

Maintenance cost

if you want to keep your companion (vehicle) healthy, regular servicing and maintenance is required. Well, with the Splendor there is no such burden of maintenance as the motorcycle is meant for mileage, not for power and performance. Its top speed that is 90 kmph proves the same. Much the power generation much the need of maintenance as the equipment responsible to control vehicle get depleted. But with the Splendor just a regular oil change is more than needed. The Activa on the other hand, meant for flawless power supply and torque with a throttle twist. So, it definitely asks for proper maintenance. Alongside, its suspension is the most complained equipment which in coming future can make you shell out a sufficient amount for maintenance.


In India, pricing is a prior and significant factor considered by the Indians. A huge share of Indian audience demands for a budget-friendly price tag and the Splendor hits the bull's eye in this genre. The Hero Splendor pricing starts at INR 51,531 for the base Kick Start Drum Brake Spoke Wheel variant and goes up to INR 53,813 for the top spec Self Start Drum Brake Alloy Wheel variant. Whereas, the Honda Activa, a leader in two wheeler scooter segment asks for INR 56,766 and INR 58,738 for the respective STD and DLX variant.


Based on Tubular Double Cradle, the Splendor mounts on Telescopic Hydraulic Shock Absorbers at the front and a swing arm with Hydraulic Shock Absorbers at the rear. with such base, the Splendor can easily take on any road condition yet not on hilly ones. It is also one of the reasons the motorcycle is accepted by the rural people too. While, the Honda Activa which uses underbone chassis and bottom link, hydraulic type front suspension along with Hydraulic Monoshock can't wear those bumps on the village roads and streets for long duration. So here too, Splendor wins the heart of the people.